The Yellow Diamond Caper

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They tell Jesse to hurry up.

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Just as Jesse finishes, the shop-keeper enters, and sees that they are thieves. He chases them outside, where Team Rocket bump into 'the twerps'. The shop-keeper tells them to give all the stuff back, but they refuse. The Corsola tackles Jesse to the floor, much to her horror. Team Rocket send out Victreebel which tries to eat James , and Arbok. Ash and Misty send out Totodile and Staryu. Staryu tackles Victreebel.

Totodile tries to bite Arbok, but misses and just headbutts it. Victreebel uses Razor Leaf , but misses Staryu. Staryu uses Rapid Spin on Victreebel. The shop-keeper picks up his goods and thanks the gang for their help.

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The gang go searching in a nearby forest. They are calling out lots of different names belonging to the Corsola. Mika explains that the Corsola are all 'part of the family'. They so find the first one. Misty decides to catch the wild Corsola, but Brock pulls her off by the ear again. They start to search by the sea, and find another one.

They soon return back to the forest where they left some food, and sure enough they find another two Corsola. Meanwhile Team Rocket are watching them from a nearby tree. They decide to capture all of the Corsola for 'the boss'.

Steven,Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond Confront White Diamond

Then they all start to dream about becoming heroes. As if.

Ash sends Noctowl out, and Noctowl finds another two Corsola. They return back home and count up all the Corsola. They're all there. Suddenly, lots of plungers fall down from the sky. They all capture all the Corsola, except for the wild one which Misty protects.

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  7. Team Rocket pull up all the Corsola from their balloon. They say their motto, and announce that the Corsola belong to them now. Ash sends out Noctowl to pierce the balloon, but James sends out Wheezing and tells it to use Smokescreen. Noctowl chokes and Team Rocket start to escape, but Noctowl soon flies up and pierces the balloon. Team Rocket descend to the ground, and the gang run after them. The Corsola tackles Jesse again. Misty sends out Staryu, and has it use Rapid Spin, to cut all of the Corsola free.

    Jesse and James send out Arbok and Victreebel Victreebel does the old joke which is really getting old now. Arbok wraps Staryu, so the Corsola tackle it again, and Staryu breaks free. Victreebel uses Vine Whip and hits a Corsola, knocking it out. It suddenly starts to glow, and becomes healthy again. Brock explains that it must of used Recover. Misty is totally amazed, and really wants that Corsola now. They all run and hide behind the balloon, but a Spike Cannon hits the engine.

    There is a big explosion, and Team Rocket go flying.

    The Great Kentucky Caviar Criminal Caper Comes To An End In Ohio

    They realize that this the th time that they have 'Blasted Off', and leave us with a 'Happy Anniversary! She sends out Poliwhirl to battle. Firstly, Poliwhirl uses Bubble, but Corsola fights back with a Tackle. Poliwhirl uses Double Slap, and knocks Corsola out. Poliwhirl looks pleased with itself, until Corsola uses Recover.

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    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper
    The Yellow Diamond Caper The Yellow Diamond Caper

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