The Pole of Inaccessibility

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The 8th Soviet Antarctic Expedition visited the site on 1 February and left five days later. The crew were flown out by a C on 1 February. On 15 December a new American crew arrived by C to make observations, refurbish the snow cats, and continue the Queen Maud Land Traverse, zig-zagging to the newly installed Plateau Station , where they arrived on 29 January The 12th Soviet Antarctic Expedition visited the site in The station building is surmounted by a bust of Vladimir Lenin facing Moscow. As of , it is almost entirely buried by snow, with little more than the bust visible.

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Poles of inaccessibility: the middle of nowhere

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the former Soviet research station. For the geographic features, see Pole of inaccessibility. Former Antarctic base in Kemp Land. Former Antarctic base.

The Pole of Inaccessibility station, showing the bust of Lenin , in January Pole of Inaccessibility. Location of the Pole of Inaccessibility in Antarctica.

What is a pole of inaccessibility?

Weather Revised and updated ed. William J. Soviet Antarctic Expeditions Retrieved January 29, Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved April 23, Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica".

Most Remote Place on Earth

Archived from the original on March 12, Retrieved January 21, Retrieved August 16, Antarctic Treaty Secretariat. Retrieved October 24, Earth sciences portal Geography portal Soviet Union portal. Research stations in Antarctica.


Casey Davis Macquarie Island Mawson. Bellingshausen Mirny Novolazarevskaya Progress Vostok. Amundsen-Scott McMurdo Palmer. Roald Amundsen Richard E. Category Commons Index. Polar exploration. Ocean History Expeditions Research stations.

The Most Remote Place On Earth

Ross J. Hall Cunningham Lindenov C. Cabot G. Olav Orheim's photo at the top of this page reproduced above left 1 shows Lenin looking west assuming that the Russian site plans are correct--after all, they drove here. But all of the other photos on this page, including the one above right also by Orheim in 2 10 shows him facing north.

But the traverse members reportedly rotated the bust to face Washington DC. The traverse included extensive geodetic, seismic, and magnetic observations.

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They reached the POI on 23 February. They were on station for less than 2 days, departing on the 25th, but during this visit the station was mapped at right 2 ; here is a larger version with index. They were at Plateau for less than 24 hours on March, and arrived at Novo on 26 March. They originally planned to continue on, if possible, to Vostok, Progress, and Molodezhnaya, but they were picked up at the POI and flown out to Progress, Vostok, and eventually Cape Town.

The quest to conquer the other North Pole - BBC News

At left 2 is their view looking west at the POI and a couple of the original towers. There's also some freshly dug snow, they started trying to dig into the hut bud did not get deep enough photo by Henry Cookson. Here's their web site home page archive with a hero shot in front of Lenin. The next visitors were the team members of the Norwegian-U.

I met some of the traverse team at Pole at the end of my winter. Note that the ground wire?

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Olav was a member of the second leg of the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse which originated at the POI; this blog was documentation of a Norwegian ski traverse retracing Amundsen's route from the Bay of Whales to Pole, part of the Amundsen centennial commemoration. The traverse was a 2-season project and from the Norwegian Troll station near the coast, to Pole, with a return the following year.

Tom collected this information while at Troll in November ; I was in touch with him at that time and provided him some of the background information he used. The image of a tractor pulling the hut, and the site plan with translation, are from a book in Russian by N. My source for it is this thread on the polarpost. Dubrovin and V.

The ‘Pole of Inaccessibility’ Has Eluded Adventurers for More Than a Century

Petrov, NSF contracted an English translation of the original Russian work which was published in I have it here. Published in abstract and link. English translation by Anatoly Bratov, Department of Commerce, Coast and Geodetic Survey available here. Some of the original traverse vehicles, one of which is pulling the sled-mounted hut with that chimney, not yet boxed in with plywood 2. The main hut as seen during the original station occupancy 3.

Looking southeast with the main hut in the center background. At left is one of those ton Kharkovchanka "snow tractor" vehicles, two of which would show up at Pole in 4. The site plan 4 here is another version with an English legend. Also see the later site plan below. Here's a photo of the traverse leaving Pole on 4 December U.

Navy photo shared by Mike Davis; the Picasa link is no longer online. The The traverse prime movers--two model Tucker Sno-Cats and one model , which was equipped with a drilling rig.

The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility
The Pole of Inaccessibility The Pole of Inaccessibility

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