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Express Comps The ability to bank and manage your comps. Points Get rewarded for your slot play as well as everyday spend on your M life Rewards Mastercard. However, both think they are unworthy of each other and meanwhile, Mendoza plots revenge. There were aspects of book one that really didn't work for me, but I decided to give book two a chance especially since it was Rev's book.

I have to say that some of the stuff that bugged me- mostly to do with the previous heroine- are not present in this one. Annabel was raped and endured so much that her road to recovery is naturally tenuous and hard. She is a whole different personality and as such this book was a much more engaging read for me. As to Rev, while I don't think he was the stuff of which typical fictional MC Presidents are made in that he didn't have that assertive alpha quality, he did have a quiet commanding presence that people respect and listen to. His brother, Deacon, from the first book and the current MC Vice President was more that personality as is his younger brother Bishop, but in retrospect, I'm not disappointed that he was something different.

It turns out that he was just right to handle having a rape and abuse victim for his love interest. Now does he screw things up with his own inner demons screaming at him? Yep, but he is well aware of it and knows to express his words of remorse even if Annabel isn't ready to receive them right away. He's also so very close to his family and that were cute and heartwarming scenes. Along with our older brother. Everything good and decent that I am is because of my mother.

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And unlike Rev, she doesn't remember what an apology is and leaves it as understood that she didn't mean what she said. The action and danger in this one took a backseat to the character and romance development, but the reader always knows its there simmering in the background and not knowing when that pot will boil over. Mendoza was an evil fiend and I really wanted him to come to a long drawn out painful end. The romance takes its time and develops at a believable rate for a rape survivor.

I will put out a caution for folks with triggers from rape scenes. There are at least two flashbacks and nightmares that don't get overly descriptive, but do reference back to the rapes.

Life is an adventure. Go further. Explore. Discover.

So yeah, they start out with comfort and then companionship to friendship, and finally tentative attraction. It was great to see them playful and later, passionate. What a lovely couple they are and I nearly swooned at several scenes. I wasn't exaggerating at Rev's knightly hero qualities. My rational mind told me to be frightened of him.

He was a stranger- a strange man at that. He towered over me with muscles that could inflict great harm. But everything I needed to know about him was in his eyes. Searching them showed me that he was a gentle giant, and he seemed like someone I could trust. At what must've seemed like my continued apprehension, Rev held his hands up. As long as I have a breath in me, no one is ever going to hurt you again. You're safe.

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Bishop's book is next and he's such a loud-mouthed, arrogant manwhore that love will totally cut him off at the knees I think. Might be fun to read, right? Anyhoots, this was a slightly gritty on the action, passionate romance, but mild on the MC stuff contemporary romance that I would recommend to those who enjoy such stories.

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My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. This story jumped in right after book one. I was delighted for the way the author ties the series together. This is "Revs" love story. This read can be a trigger for someone who unfortunately have been kidnapped or rape so beware.

The way the story flows will have you crying and cringing. The miraculous sex scenes are intense and well thought out.

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  • Kudos Ms. Ashley for bringing together two broken people and putting them back together. Well if that didn't just put me through the emotional ringer. Holy, where are my tissues?

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    He is rough and touch, but c Well if that didn't just put me through the emotional ringer. He is rough and touch, but caring and loving, doing anything in his power to show this girl that she can heal and be a "woman" again, with the love of a VERY sexy biker I definitely liked Annabel. Ever after all she'd been through, she fights, and I like a heroine who fights and doesn't spend the whole book playing "victim". I wouldn't have wanted anyone else for Rev. Katie Ashley definitely did this one right!

    watch Jan 15, Quinn's Quippy Quotes rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , paperback , signed. That was sooo much better than Vicious Cycle! I wasn't expecting for this book to start off with where it did, and how intense it was. It made me very uncomfortable and I wasn't sure about continuing, but I'm so glad I did.

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    I loved these characters! I loved how resilient they both were. Now to finish up with Bishop's book, and after reading the synopsis of Last Mile, I can't wait to see what Katie has in store!

    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2) The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)
    The Good Life (Redeemed Book 2)

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