The Day The World Went Dark

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As befits workers who spend much of their lives underground, Longyearbyen's miners are indifferent to the changing seasons.

Is there non-biblical evidence of a day of darkness at Christ's death? |

They just head back to the mainland when it comes. Far more annoying to him is the constant light of the midnight sun, which burns from April to September. And like coal miners all over the world, when I'm not working, I get drunk. Some mainlanders are more concerned about other perils stalking the archipelago. The interplay between light and dark, humans and nature, holds most of Longyearbyen's residents in its thrall. But even its most devoted inhabitants recognise tourism and economics are changing the island's character.

A cold outpost surrounded by bears and hours from specialist medicine is not the most practical place for retirement. Topics Arctic. Endangered habitats.

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Shiny and white and sharp, the entrails of innards of its victims hanging from them like streamers. And now here I am. I hear more and more screams as those who were too brave or too stupid One part brave, two parts fool to run attack the beast. Could they really take pleasure in killing these humans?

Luke 23:44-49 - The Day the World Went Dark - Anthony DeRosse

What kind of monster would enjoy that? More crunching of bones, more blood staining the streets. These things ARE the dark, the worst of it. Light kills them.

"The day the world went dark"(creepypasta)

I remember, now, seeing one of them out of the corner of my eye when I was five years old. If I can hold out for a few more hours, daylight will come. Maybe help will come.

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I can hear them as they run through the rooms searching for their next game. Next kill. Next feast. The quiet thud of my pen dropping onto my bed jolts me upright.

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I toss the padded paper aside, grabbing onto the Chefs knife that I had taken upstairs with me I wait. I can hear their claws scraping at the door, tapping the knob and receiving a pleasant clinging noise.

Landmarks around the world go dark to mark Earth Hour

Like when you hit a spoon and a pan together. I hear another two toned giggle, one tone as pleasant and innocent as that of a child, the other as dark and as sinister as the devil himself. I grip the knife that I had stolen from the kitchen on my way up, clutching it with a sense of false courage.

Absolutely nothing. My knuckles are white, and I know I should be focused on survival, but all I can think about is why? Why did this have to happen? What turned the lights out? Was it just our time as humans to go? Was it just time for our species to end? My thoughts were traveling at a speed I could barely comprehend, and then they all stopped as the horrific creaking noise of my door opening slowly tears through my pseudo confidence, my eyes meeting one of theirs.

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I drop the knife, fingers losing their ability to hold on any longer. I fumble for the knife, swinging it wildly as they approach. It moves through their bodies like air.

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The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark
The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark
The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark
The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark
The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark
The Day The World Went Dark The Day The World Went Dark

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