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Medical Secrets E-Book

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Medical Secrets E-Book - Mary P. Harward - Google книги

Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Product Highlights In China, people send greetings by wishing a person a long and healthy life. This book reveals the profound, yet simple health maintenance secrets that Chinese medicine has. Try sprouting - nutritious food from tiny seedlings; Know how and when to drink fluids; Drink green tea or other healthy drinks; Be alert for food sensitivities; Chapter 4.

Emotions are a key to good health; Anger makes qi rise; Fear makes qi descend and worry knots the qi; Grief and sadness dissolve qi; Joy slows qi down; Take pleasure from the world; Know the importance of humour; Gain perspective on your emotions; Become present to your bodily 'felt sense'; Learn from your difficulties; Use talking therapy; Use writing therapy; The importance of positive goals; Release your blocked feelings; Get help when you need it; Chapter 5. Balance yin and yang in your work and rest; Convalescence - the forgotten secret; After a miscarriage, take time to rest; The positive effects of fulfilling work; Keep your life regular; Points to relieve smoker's cravings; Exercise while you work; Walk your way to health; Sleep - the best natural cure; Sleep in a healthy posture; Take a 'power' nap; Make time for rest and relaxation; Scan your body to relax; Exercise can be 'internal' or 'external'; Exercise according to your age, activity, build and constitution; Find an exercise routine; Find a regular practice space; Exercise in the 'spirit' of qigong; What you learn from a good teacher becomes yours for life; A simple self-exercise more effective than massage; Use Chinese metal balls as a simple longevity tool; Chapter 6.

Secrets to Protect Ourselves from the Environment; How the weather affects our health; Secrets ; Take extra care when there's a cold snap; Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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Harward, MD presents core medical knowledge in the trusted question-and-answer format to help you better meet the challenges you face every day. Master all common conditions and their treatments. Identify key facts and secrets using the "Top Secrets" section. Review material quickly thanks to bulleted lists, tables, and short answers. Apply pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets" from experts in the field.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Secrets E-Book

Stay current on the latest standards in medical care thanks to extensive updates, including new chapters on Medical Ethics, Vascular Medicine, and Palliative Medicine. Get the latest key information at a glance with over 30 new tables and several new figures. Consult the book wherever you go thanks to the portable size that fits in your lab coat pocket.

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Find information easily using the two-color page layout, "Key Points" boxes, and a highly detailed index. Medical Ethics 2. General Medicine and Ambulatory Care 3.

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Nephrology 9. Acid-Base and Electrolytes

Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book
Medical Secrets E-Book Medical Secrets E-Book

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