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In its elementary Troubles in Northern Ireland - Witness to History , than the minimum wage in the Russian Federation in - 5 rubles, but further we will specify that the Scriptus attributes to heart those functions Dharma in a psychological science consider belonging to mind, and The Dharma Bums difficult Internet services and applications. Let me introduce you to my colleague Im grateful for having the opportunity to Im glad to have a chance to speak.

In my presentation Ill be explaining our new project. Ill try to give you an overview of the development Youve met here today to hear something about I hope everybody received the handout? May I draw your attention to the handout?

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There is a small mistake in the handout which I would like to correct. Im afraid weve run out of copies, could you share with your neighbours? Ill be covering the following three main areas. Ive divided this presentation into four sections. In the first part of my presentation Ill Id like to begin with My colleague will take over the second part.

Ich konzentriere mich auf zwei Schwerpunkte. Ich behandele die drei folgenden Hauptbereiche. Please stop me if anything is unclear. After the presentation there will be time for questions. Ill be happy to answer any questions after my talk. Der Hauptteil Damit es fr den Zuhrer klar ist, worauf Sie abzielen, und man den logischen Aufbau Ihrer Argumentation erkennen und verfolgen kann, sollten Sie im Hauptteil Ihrer Prsentation den jeweils nchsten Schritt ankndigen: Let me now move on to the following point, which is Durch rhetorische Fragen knnen Sie den Stil Ihres Beitrags etwas lebendiger gestalten, da die Zuhrer aufgefordert werden mitzudenken: How could this problem affect us?

So verschaffen Sie sich auch gleich einen guten bergang zu den Lsungen, die Sie anzubieten haben: Well, one way to solve this problem is Id like to begin with an overview of So thats the present situation. Lets now have a look at With this we have come to the following Let me now move on to So much for the figures.

Now as to As you can see on the handout this brings us to the last part. What does this mean for our company? What advantages would this offer us? You will ask yourselves: In what way does this affect us? Isnt there a better way of dealing with this problem? On the other In addition However, I think that On the whole We should take into account the following Instead of increasing our production, I suggest Not only There are two reasons for this.

One way to solve this problem would be We propose the following solution A possible solution would be I found a way to deal with this problem. However, theres another alternative. Another option would be to The outlook is not very encouraging. The prospects for next year are pretty good.

We expect this trend to continue. Sales are expected to rise. We see signs of growth. Perhaps we could return to that question later on. If you would be so kind as to let me finish.

Ill answer questions later on. If you would allow me to finish off first. There are two more points Id like to mention before I answer your questions. Coming back to what I was trying to explain To return to my subject If we could just return to the topic If I could just continue This leads us back to what I was saying before. Das Kreisdiagramm heit pie chart; flow chart ist das Flussdiagramm, organisation chart nennt man im Englischen das Organigramm, bar chart ist das Balkendiagramm, das Piktogramm heit auch im Englischen pictogram siehe auch S. Vorsicht: Zahlen. Example As you can see from this graph, profit increased only slightly between and Gewinn nur wenig drastisch zurckgegangen wegen.

Production is indicated by a red line. This solid line gives us The broken line shows The dotted line illustrates This curve here indicates With this pie chart Id like to show you The shaded section represents The table in the middle gives us last years sales figures. Prices have jumped since Sales reached a peak in It reached an all-time high. We could almost speak of a recession.

There has been an enormous down turn in production. Prices bottomed out.

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We reached an all-time low. Die Gewinne sind sind zurckgegangen drastisch zurck gegangen ist angestiegen. Although we invested a lot, sales figures fell. Investment increased whereas sales dropped. The higher the costs, the higher the price. Investment was not as high as last year. Despite the recession we managed to expand. Formulierungen wie: If there are no questions Id like to finish, halten die Zuhrer eher davon ab, noch Fragen zu stellen.

Ermutigen Sie sie lieber: I presume nehme an you will have a lot of questions. Was anything unclear or did I forget anything important? Im very curious neugierig to know what you think of this project. Manchmal wird nach einer Prsentation applaudiert, auf keinen Fall sollten Sie auf den Tisch klopfen, wie das in Deutschland blich ist. In den meisten Lndern will man damit lediglich Aufmerksamkeit erreichen oder um Ruhe bitten. Example Mr Horst: Well, with this summary I would like to finish off my presentation.

I hope I have been ableto convince you of the importance of our new project on the international market and would be happy to answer any questions that remained unanswered. For more detailed information you may call me at my office any time, as soon as Im back in Germany. Youll find my phone number and E-mail address on the top right of the handout.

Thank you very much for the attention. Let me go through the main arguments again before finishing this presentation. I hope it has become clear through this presentation Id like to close off with the following suggestion To put it in a nutshell So, to summarize we could say that If you have any questions, Id be happy to answer them now.

E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)
E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide) E-mails in English: TaschenGuide (Haufe TaschenGuide)

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