DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)

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After returning to the Prime Material Plane, and narrowly avoiding a confrontation with Vorugal the Frigid Doom , Vax and Percy have a conversation about Vex within the newly created temple to the Raven Queen. The two agree to bury the hatchet, but Percy requests that he not trust him. After a lengthy debate, Vox Machina travels to the continent of Wildemount to the city of Draconia in the hopes of discovering the fate of Tiberius.

After an encounter with the Ravenites that nearly resulted in violent conflict, the party sees the remains of their fallen friend impaled on a spike of ice, a symbol of Vorugal's dominion over the dragonborn.

Vax prays to his patron to usher Tiberius' soul to the afterlife, and he is given comfort from his patron that he did indeed cross over safely. After returning to Whitestone, Vax is greeted by Keyleth outside his door, the druid asking if she could stay with him for the night. As he lets her in, he reflects on the misfortunes that have befallen them all and deeply apologizes to the woman he loves for how he treated her by remaining distant. Keyleth, however, tells him that she is just as guilty of being distant as he is.

She then confesses that she had been terrified of losing him to death, the Raven Queen, and even himself. But after some time, she came to realize that those fears were holding her back and that they truly have nothing to lose.

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Happy beyond measure, Vax confesses to her once more and the two spend the night together, the two half-elves finally becoming one. Sometime after leaving their father but before returning to their home town, Vax'ildan learned that his sister Vex had a stalker and the stalker had paid the Clasp to get her for him. Vax gave the Clasp a child rapist, who was then transformed to look like her, allowing the Clasp to meet their contract. In exchange for sparing Vex's life, Vax was branded with the Clasp's mark and sworn to serve the Clasp whenever he was called upon.

After talks with the Clasp to help the survivors of Emon after the Chroma Conclave attack happens, Vax asks Keyleth to burn away the brand on his back.

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Vax and Grog Strongjaw , a goliath barbarian and a fellow member of Vox Machina, have a playfully antagonistic relationship, the two of them occasionally playing pranks on each other. Aside from that, they are close friends who had each others' backs. Vax and Keyleth are romantic partners. Vax eventually admitted his love for Keyleth and kissed her after they took down Professor Anders.

Fan art of Vax'ildan talking to Kynan after knocking him out, by David Rodrigues. Vax first met Kynan outside of Greyskull Keep upon their return from Vasselheim, during which he personally crushed the boy's dream of joining Vox Machina by telling him that he was not ready for the life that they live. He later gave him two daggers he had bought from Gilmore's shop in addition to his Keen Dagger [52] , and then later gave him his Serpent Belt, telling him that he earned his second chance.

Percy and Vax were once very trusting of each other, but ever since Vex's death due to the gunslinger's own negligence, as well as other events, the two have not been able to see eye-to-eye. Eventually, they had a discussion and Percy told Vax that he wants to be in the rogue's good graces again, but for the time being requests that he "never trust him".

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After several events, the two ended up on good terms once more and later become in-laws, through Percy's marriage to Vax's sister, Vex. Pike, as a person and as a cleric of Sarenrae , is respected by Vax and he originally planned to follow in her footsteps and become a paladin of the goddess, even sewing a symbol of her patron to his glove as a reminder of his bond with his friend. After offering his life in exchange for Vex's soul, Vax began having dreams about the Raven Queen, who referred to him as "fate-touched", which only served to confuse and frighten him.

And ever since, his faith in Her has grown, though he still fears Her. After the battle with Vecna the Raven Queen claimed his soul.

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Vax and Scanlan Shorthalt , gnome bard and former member of Vox Machina, have a strong bond of friendship. At times, Scanlan was able to offer words of advice to Vax. Fan art of Gilmore and Vax'ildan , by David Rodrigues. Vax and Gilmore enjoy flirting with each other and spending time together.

In " Shopping and Shipping " 1x14 , Vax asked out Gilmore to a meal and a walk, which is the first time in the game that this has happened. Vax also seems to view Gilmore as a confidant, as he told him about Vox Machina's struggles in the Underdark and about the Horn of Orcus , which the party had agreed to keep a secret. Gilmore, although saddened by the news, took it very well, and after a final kiss the two parted amicably.

Vex has a companion bear named Trinket. If she is Trinket's adoptive mother, then Vax is his uncle. Fan art of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia , by sleepyjaneart. Vax and Vex both usually work together when scouting and ambushing opponents. They haven't been separated for very long since birth, at least until after the events of " Hubris " 1x17 , where they were forced to work with different groups of people. Vax'ildan, along with his sister Vex'ahlia, was on a quest to kill Thordak , the ancient red dragon that killed their mother when it destroyed their home town of Byroden.

After his death at Thar Amphala, Vax agreed to the Raven Queen's offer of returning as a revenant so that he could fulfill his charge of sealing or defeating Vecna. He, along with Vox Machina, finally succeeded in banishing him and at the end, Vax willingly returned to his patron's side and died for the last time.

Fan art of Vax'ildan , by Andrew Keller. As an assassination rogue, Vax'ildan excels at dealing high damage very quickly, especially while stealthed, while evading and minimizing damage to himself. After reluctantly becoming a Champion of the Raven Queen , Vax eventually multiclasses as a paladin, [80] granting him new abilities and proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons.

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With his second paladin level, he also gained access to paladin spells and Divine Smite. He later took the Resilient feat with his fourth paladin level, to further improve his fortitude.

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Vax takes a level in druid before his death. As a character with multiple spellcasting classes, this granted him an additional second level spell slot. Vax'ildan has an assortment of daggers, some of which also deal additional damage of the following types:. Vax has access to the following spells, which do not count against the number of spells he can prepare.

Vax has access to paladin spells up to 2nd-level. As a 6th-level paladin, he can prepare up to 5 spells per day. Vax has access to druid spells up to 1st-level. As a 1st-level druid, he can prepare up to 3 spells per day. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dagger, dagger, dagger. Liam O'Brien 's attack catchphrase for Vax'ildan. Contents [ show ]. Into the Underdark Edit The next day, as they progress through the quarry, the party finds themselves traversing into the Underdark.

Dealings with the Slayer's Take Edit After encountering and slaying the hydra , Vox Machina find themselves in trouble for violating a magically binding contract for members of the Slayer's Take Guild. I love you, Vax. I have for a long time. And I'm sorry for being me and that it took me this long to say it.

Keyleth to Vax'ildan [44].

Why was I sent here?

You know, I see you doubting yourself. I see it, Kiki.

But I've no doubts in you. I've known you for a long time now, and I have seen the strength in you growing. And I'm a fan.

You're going to make a great leader someday.

DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)
DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)
DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)
DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)
DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)
DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4) DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE (Haven Crest Series Book 4)

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