A Son of a Preacher Man

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Een groot aantal andere successen volgde, zoals 'I just don't know what to do with myself' en 'You don't have to say you love me'. Ze vertrok naar Amerika, maar haar ster daalde door de opkomst van de psychedelische popmuziek.

Ze zonk weg in een jarenlange roes vol wodka en slaappillen. Later bekende ze in die tijd een zelfmoordpoging te hebben ondernomen. Begin jaren zeventig ontdekte ze haar biseksualiteit en kreeg ze een relatie met tennisvedette Billie Jean King. Comebacks Ze maakte diverse comebacks. De glans van de jaren zestig was echter weg. Hij nam 'Son of a preacher man' op op de soundtrack van zijn film Pulp Fiction.

Son of a Preacher Man

Een compleet nieuw publiek ontdekte de soul van Springfield. De laatste jaren bracht ze, terug in Engeland, alleen door met haar katten. In werd borstkanker bij haar geconstateerd. Voor twintig miljoen gulden verkocht ze de rechten op haar muziek om met de opbrengst haar ziekte te laten behandelen. Na een lange strijd tegen de borstkanker is ze in haar huis in Henley-on-Thames overleden. Ze was In een reactie op haar dood noemde muzikant Elton John Springfield een 'compleet tijdloze' zangeres wier stem zich kan meten met die van de zwarte souldiva Aretha Franklin.

Global Top General Comment 'bout fucking the preacher's son, right?

It's Pop It's Art - Son Of A Preacher Man – Rough Trade

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General Comment For all the people that care about the actual meanings of songs This one is about finding love, sin, guilt or what have ya, in the least likely of places. About being startled to find something you want and desire in the place that you would never imagine to find it General Comment this song is my "dance in my undies happy" song. General Comment This song is pretty weird for me, theres the part of me that is kinda embarrased to be listening to it because im very much non-religious, but the other side of me is hearing the mellow groove and the chicks sweet voice and its all good.

See, I think it's the perfect song for a non-religious person, because it means the preacher's son was rebelling and the girl liked it.

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Flag sharkycharming on July 24, General Comment anyways I love this song, I was trumpeter in my college Funk band and we did this in our first year lots. I didn't really think of the lyrics until we were watching some documntary and my mum said she was known to be a lesbian, and I thoguht oh, the song could have a totally different meaning, esp. General Comment It's about somebody's first experience with religion and spirituality.

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Cleverly disguised as a love song. Throughout the song, the narrator becomes closer to God and realizes that He is the only answer in her life. Makes perfect sense, since the "boy" is a "son of a preacher man. General Comment I always thought it said "That's when Billy would take me walking" too General Comment This song is so great! It's just about learning about sexuality for the first time.

Son of a Preacher Man lyrics - Springfield, Dusty

There's romance, kisses, more than kisses, and surprisingly it's a preacher's son. It's a hot in a weird, remeber being 14 years old way.

adavemsdnbhd.com/wp-includes/26-hydroxychloroquine-und-chloroquine.php General Comment On the office, Jim said the song was about losing your virginity next to a church. Well, I think it's a simple song about falling in love with the preacher's son Aside from that, I love the rhythm of this song and her voice.

A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man
A Son of a Preacher Man

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